Co-Founders’ Rigth Hand

Learning & Growth

About the opportunity

We’re looking for a Co-Founders’ Right-Hand to join us as the first employee to work hand in hand with founders Pierre and Miguel across various topics. You’ll be handed problems to solve daily with the aim of delivering the best solutions with limited resources. Very quickly, you’ll be expected to go out to find problems to solve on your own, while leveraging the founders.

The goal is not to make us founders happy, but to solve problems for customers and accelerate our journey.

Becoming a Co-Founders’ Right-Hand at Aparkalo is a unique opportunity to jump with both feet into the entrepreneurship world and gain first-hand, real-world experience in what it takes to start and grow a business.

This position is in-person and based in Madrid. It works as an internship which can last from 6 to 12 months.

What you’ll be doing

  • Work hand-in-hand with our founders to drive initiatives across a wide variety of topics
  • Identify problems, carry out analysis, design solutions and execute them
  • Get out on the street, often on your own, to find supply and demand, we’re a parking space marketplace company after all
  • Design and build processes that will work as the foundation for our growth and be used by future employees

What you’ll need

  • Native-level Spanish: our core market is Spain and we talk to users daily
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferred fields are STEM and Business
  • A first professional/entrepreneurial is a plus, even a college side-business
  • Hyper-logical thinking, able to break down complex matters into smaller bite-sized pieces
  • A strong bias for action, and a love for finding solutions and seeking to deliver impactful results
  • Ability to thrive in uncertain and fast-paced environments
  • A curious mindset and a passion for deep-diving into subject matters

Learn more about us and what we’re looking for

  • Aparkalo’s mission is to reinvent parking spaces for the new workplace
  • Follow us on social media to be in touch with our progress
  • Content that inspires us: The Hard Thing About Hard Things, The Lean Startup, Mission Blablacar, Blitzscaling Stanford course

What you can expect from the assessment & interview process:

We want to keep the process flexible, most of what we’re looking for can’t be measured in a standardized test. In addition, the matching process works both ways: we’re choosing you as much as you’re choosing to work with us, so let’s make sure it’s a good fit:

  • Interview with Co-Founders to validate functional and cultural fit
  • Business case including hands-on tasks to make sure you know what you’re signing up for and we know you’ll be up for the challenge

Thank you for considering joining us on this journey!